lunes, 29 de octubre de 2012

Past Simkple and Revision of exercises.

Check these websites and play the different games they have. Go to the menu on the right and good luck. Now let's try some exercises with tenses.

Games and more interesting activities here. Check your learning!!!

miércoles, 17 de octubre de 2012

Geothermal Power Plant. Renewable Energy Sources.

In class we saw the different ways to produce electricity. This is another renewable energy source which is produced from the heat that the Earth produces. Just watch this video and you will understand better.

The Heart. Circulatory System

Click on the heart to watch a short video explaining how a human heart pumps blood! If you don´t get it, listen to this rap song about the circulatory system, a video which is shown in many Science classes around the United States! It might help you...

The Moon. Phases and movement.

Let's study now the Moon. This satellite that revolves arround the Earth every 28 days can be seen in many different ways depending on the light of the Sun. With this tool you can see the Moon and how do me see it if we were at nith. Enjoy it!

This is a full lesson plan about the Moon. If you want to be an expert at 
Moon movements and phases try the links and exercises you can see clicking  here.

martes, 16 de octubre de 2012

Revision of tenses. Past Simple

Let's try some other exercises to do a revision of  the Past Tense.
Complete the following exercises. Click on them and open an new page.
Have fun!!!!

Do a whole revision of the PRESENT TENSE.

Past Simple Pronunciation. Regular Verbs

Click on the picture to know the three different endings of the Past Simple.

sábado, 2 de junio de 2012

miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2012

Interactive time line and exercises to know about History

Click on this time line and add your events or learn about the hisotory

Choose any of the periods in history and discover more about the history